This client was struggling with diesel costs trying to keep his business open during loadshedding and keeping all the produce fresh
We provided inverter equipment and energy storage as a cleaner alternative to burning diesel.

Providing you with seamless integration and control

Able to connect to any battery type or energy storage medium, the PCS100 ESS brings together decades of grid interconnection experience and leadership in power conversion to provide seamless system integration and battery control.

Increase your return on investment 

The PCS100 ESS’s modular design and advanced control maximize the availability, value and performance of both large and small energy storage systems in a variety of applications. With this optimized use of the energy storage system, the PCS100 ESS helps to deliver exceptional returns on investment.

Increase your network stability

The PCS100 ESS allows control of both real power (P) and reactive power (Q), enabling it to cover a wide range of system requirements. Moreover, advanced control features in the Virtual Generator mode of operation allow this storage system to emulate generator behaviour and thus act as a true power system component. With these advanced features, the PCS100 ESS is the perfect solution for applications requiring power system load levelling, grid stabilization, grid loss detection, grid compliance for renewable and generation systems and power quality improvement.